A few words from our amazing partners

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It's with proudness in our hearts that we present to you our investors and closest partners.

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Dreamhaven aspires to bring people together through memorable, positive gaming experiences and to empower creators to craft games that they’re proud to share with the world. Located in Irvine, California, the company is home to development studios Moonshot Games and Secret Door as well as a partnership program that supports independent external studios. For more information, visit dreamhaven.com.

"The team at Wayfinder brings together an incredible combination of game development experience, creativity, and operational excellence," said Dreamhaven's Shane Dabiri. "We have a tremendous passion for RPGs, and we’re thrilled to partner with Wayfinder as they create a brand new RPG experience."
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Behold Ventures is a Nordic-based, early-stage, venture capital fund, fully focused on investing in startups in the video games industry. Founded in 2021 by games industry veterans Karl Magnus Troedsson, Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir and Magnus Kenneby, Behold Ventures financially supports, and strategically advises, entrepreneurs during the first steps of launching their own businesses. The fund makes equity investments in startups driven by ambitious and creative founders and is always looking for talented teams which are absolutely hellbent on creating the most amazing, interactive entertainment experiences of tomorrow. For more information, visit behold.vc

"I worked with many of the Wayfinder team on the Star Wars Battlefront team at DICE and have first hand experience of their incredible talent, passion and craft excellence", said Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, Co-Founder, Behold Ventures. "I have the utmost confidence in them building a great studio and making amazing RPG's that I look forward to playing. It's supremely rewarding for me and my partners at Behold Ventures to be able to work with this team again and to be a part of their journey."
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Makers Fund, our leading investor, is a global interactive entertainment venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments. Makers is dedicated to furthering growth and innovation in the interactive entertainment industry. With more than 90 portfolio companies to date, Makers provides founders strategic value that is deeply catered to companies across the value chain in the industry. For more information, visit makersfund.com.

"Wayfinder Games is a shining example of what a modern, innovative developer can be,” said Archie Stonehill, Principal, Makers Fund. “Dennis, Fia, Adam, and Manne founded Wayfinder not only as supremely talented and accomplished game developers, but also as close friends and colleagues who loved working together, and they have made that culture of conviviality, collaboration, and creativity the heart of Wayfinder Games. We believe the talent they have attracted is a testament to this culture and we at Makers are excited, and thankful, to be part of it.
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