Behind the scene credits

Greenland 4 K

We're a firm believer of handing out credit to those who've done the work, so below we try to capture all additional folks who've made this company not only a possibility but a success.

Featured Artist - Philip Sue

All art meant to evoke the spirit of adventure on was made by artist Philip Sue ( whose artwork we've been a fan of for years.

Web Design and Branding

The curious and well-rounded folks at Hey Kickstand ( who developed not only our logo but this beautiful website as well, fully captured the values and excitement driving us.

The Legal Team

Starting a new business requires learning a bunch of new things, and Fredrik over at Legafy ( continues to be a tremendous resource of patience and knowledge, guiding us through the legal aspects of businesses.

The Finance Team

Making sure budget reports and salaries are always in order, Anita and Malin from Creative Crowd ( is one of our cornerstones of a smooth sailing organization.


All our family members who brings energy and perspective to the game making experience! Thank you for playing the game with us, and for being patient with our constant chatting from the home offices.

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