It’s with a great deal of joy that we present to you our new games studio, Wayfinder Games

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It all started with an ambition to make something new together with others who share a deep interest for exploration and adventure. Something brand new, but with the soul of something that’s been around since the beginning: role-playing.

We created Wayfinder Games on a culture of being caring, humble, honest, and brave, and these values shape how we behave every day, and how we explore this genre together.

One of the first things that became important to us was to start as an independent company. With the creative freedom and commitment to remain accountable for our own decisions. But that didn't mean that we wanted to do this alone ... We reached out to many companies across the industry to look for partners, and we're humbled to tell you we found some amazing ones.

Three partners joined us early on, and they too fell in love with the vision for Wayfinder Games, the development team, and the ideas that are shaping our games.

Two of them; Makers Fund and Behold Ventures, believed in us before we believed in ourselves, and they guided us into the scary world of entrepreneurship. Taking time out of their days they gave us confidence and energy and much appreciated advice. Not long after, we were incredibly happy to have Dreamhaven join as well, and their support has already equipped us to find our way and our confidence in the roleplaying genre.

So with a strong commitment to build a new kind of company, one that believes in remodeling how remote work happens, one that supports our team members in finding that balance between work and life, we couldn’t be more proud to finally be able to show you who we are and share some of our approaches that we hope will inspire creativity for decades to come:

If you join us:

  • You will be a co-creator of new IPs

  • You’ll have around 20-30 very experienced colleagues

  • You can work remote forever if you prefer

  • You will automatically enter the options program

  • You're encouraged to spend time with hobbies, pets and family

  • Your core hours are 9-12 GMT+1 (the rest of the day you set your own schedule)

  • You will continuously learn new things, mastering self management

  • You join during spring or fall enrollment (we want to make sure everyone has the best onboarding experience possible, so we focus our team around two enrollment periods each year)

  • You will work in a values driven environment where we are constantly learning together

We think that Sweden’s rich history in, and love for, role playing games and entrepreneurship is such a great place to start this adventure. Hopefully we’ll get to meet up with you somewhere along the way!

It’s still early, but please visit and take a look at our future open roles or send us an open letter. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.


Fia, Dennis, Adam & Manne, on behalf of everyone at Wayfinder Games

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